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Who are we?

Ovitas was established in 1996 and are pioneers on semantic markup language with the use of SGML and XML. At Ovitas, we work with enterprise content management, data aggregation, and semantic searches. Ovitas has more than 20 years of experience working with encyclopedias, legal documents, and technical documents. We have our offices in Oslo, and we work closely with our international Ovitas network, sharing resources and knowledge.

Eliminating human flaws:

Our customized solutions guide your content creators through each article or document, validating every element or entry as its created. Not only does this ensure consistency and quality, it saves time too, automating formatting and other repeatable operations.

Flexible data management:

Alongside the controllable workflows we use semantic tags to enrich your content and increase machine readability, opening up possibilities for enhanced customization, automation and greater flexibility in data manipulation.

Of course, creating your content is only half the story – the next step is putting it in front of your readers.

Our single source, multi-channel publishing solution gives you the power to publish across multiple platforms with a single click, meaning there’s no need to remember endless publishing workflows or platform-specific quirks. As a result, your speed to market increases and further potential for human error is eliminated.

The Sandbox

Employees are encouraged to explore new technologies and projects, and to use some time on contributing to community projects. Here are some examples:
This book provides a generic view on semantic structure driven component content management and publishing. It’s not a product presentation and you won’t find any commercial product reference here neither. It was written to help people who needs content management to understand this field better. It can help you to clarify your own requirements when you’re introducing a CMS or want to improve your current workflow in your company.
Click here to read the book.
This article provides a generic view on how to make any arbitrary data read-only accessible for end-users. It's a prerequisite for quite many business cases.
Click here to read the book.

FEST Browser is a browsing and searching tool over the pharmaceutical drug data made publicly available by Statens Legemiddleverk in the form of FEST XML.
Built on top of eXist-db XML database, the user can browse the catalog of drug entries, and see the XML entries in a pretty-print format.
The FEST Browser is a showcase of the potential of XPath and XQuery over XML content, and how we can provide simple maintenance tools that can make data curation and validation easy.

HunNor is an open source Hungarian-Norwegian dictionary. The goal of the project is to provide the Hungarian community in Norway with an electronic dictionary. While content is contributed by members of the community, the editorial system and the dictionary interface is developed by Ovitas employees.

The dictionary is available online at dict.hunnor.net, and can also be downloaded for offline use in different formats, for example as data package for third party dictionary apps, dictionary for the Kindle e-book reader, and even as a PDF document.

To learn more about the dictionary, check the project on GitHub.


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