Content management

In a world of rapidly diversifying publishing channels, increased consumer personalization, and changing content consumption habits, the task facing content creators and publishers have never been more demanding.

And for businesses creating structured content like user manuals, policies, and other complex technical documentation where consistency and accuracy are paramount, the stakes are higher still.

Increased efficiency

Our XML-based component content management system (CCMS) will guide your authors through the entire editorial process from content creation to publishing, with formatting handled automatically across all your delivery channels.

The result is a dramatically simplified content creation process that’s both faster and more consistent.

Consistency Through Components

Manage your content at the component level through topic-based authoring to revolutionize the way your company creates and disseminates content.

Components, which can be as large as whole chapters or as small as single words, are created once and can be reused indefinitely and in multiple contexts. They can be combined to form books, documents, web pages, and audio files, becoming a single source of truth that’s consistent across all your documentation, with updates made via scheduled jobs that validate information against trusted online sources.


And with components enriched through semantic tagging, your content becomes machine-readable, allowing for advanced filtering and automatic error detection that alerts your content creators when incorrect inputs are made.

Why choose Ovitas?

With 20 years of experience, we provide our customers with cutting-edge component content management solutions designed to fulfill their unique editorial and publishing needs. Because we design and build our CCMSs from the ground up, we’re able to tailor them to each client we serve.

If you choose to work with us, we’ll provide you with precisely the solution your business needs to create the best content possible. We can even help you adopt a recognized structure like DITA or DocBook, or work with you to create an entirely new proprietary schema explicitly designed with your organization in mind.

Ultimately, we provide you with a highly-customized solution that helps you create fantastic content, consistently.

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