Multichannel Publishing

Gather your channels

Where once the printed word reigned supreme, businesses today must now consider websites, mobile applications, ebooks, wikis, social media, and more. If your business is creating content, there’s an excellent chance you’re publishing to several of these channels already.

But with each platform specifying its own particular formatting standards and publishing workflows, publishing across multiple channels isn’t only time consuming, it also dramatically increases the scope for errors to creep in, eroding the consistency of your content and decreasing overall quality.

Speed and Consistency Through Automation

Our automated, multi-channel publishing solutions take care of all the details for you, meaning your authors can create content once in a single, platform-agnostic application, then publish it across all your channels simultaneously with one click. All the necessary formatting and adaptations needed for each channel are taken care of automatically in an entirely seamless end-to-end process.

Simplify your workflow

With a stroke, your editorial workflow is dramatically simplified, reducing your time to market and increasing the quality and consistency of your content, no matter which platform you publish to, or even whether you’re publishing digital or physical content.

Why choose Ovitas?

With 20 years of experience, we at Ovitas believe that to give our customers the very best service; we must provide them with carefully tailored solutions that solve the challenges they face from day to day. After all, no two companies are alike, and neither are their publishing needs. That’s why we take your unique requirements and provide you with a multi-channel publishing solution designed just for you.

Whether you’re looking to diversify your publishing outputs but can’t afford the overheads, need to reduce your time to market or improve your publishing efficiency, or simply want more control over your end-to-end publishing process—we can help.

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