Scrap the App, Keep the Data

Invest in the data not the app

Whether by reacting swiftly to shifting market conditions and disruptive technologies or by growing through mergers and acquisitions, the ability to adapt is critical to success in the digital age. But from an IT perspective, this change comes at a cost.

Over time, business processes and workflows evolve, with new technologies and systems introduced continuously to support them. As a result, IT estates become fragmented, and the number of legacy systems increases year by year.

Valuable data ends up in isolated silos, only accessible via once business-critical applications whose use case is no longer relevant. These applications—often expensive to maintain or they are approaching end of life—becoming nothing more than costly gateways to the data they contain.

Break the door down

Almost every company needs to store data for one reason or another. There may be regulatory requirements to think about, compliance considerations in case of an audit, or perhaps the data in question simply has its own intrinsic value and must be retained.

With Ovitas, you can replace all the complex data-creation applications you no longer need with one simple, thin, data-access application. You’ll still have access to all your essential data, without having to pay expensive upkeep or licensing costs for applications that are no longer required.

As a result, you’re able to decommission redundant legacy systems, helping you simplify your IT estate and save money in the process.

Why choose Ovitas?

With 20 years of experience, we at Ovitas are experts in aggregating data across multiple systems and making it accessible through a straightforward application—without risking your data. But as with all our services, we get to know your business first. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to these projects, which is why we’ll tailor our approach to your unique requirements, your data, and the applications you’re using.

Whether you’re looking to simplify your IT estate by decommissioning expensive legacy applications or need to restructure your licensing model to reduce costs—we can help.

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